Wall mounted ATMs

Since I have noticed some inconsistencies on how ATMs are mapped I want to know is there a preferred way to map them? If a ATM is wall mounted to the building, accessible 24/7 from outside, should the node be placed:

  1. Inside the building, close to the outside wall. The disadvantage with this method is that there is no way to tell if the ATM is accessible from inside or outside of a building.
  2. On the building, so it will become part of building geometry. While technically correct, I’m not sure if this is a generally good practice to use building geometry nodes for POIs?
  3. Outside the building, close to the wall. One minor disadvantage is that address from the building might not be directly linked to ATM.
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ATMs usually do not have a postal address. So it’s no problem.

definitely no

I am doing this, and sometimes add also location=outdoor


I am doing this, too. Some people do not like using building geometry nodes for POIs, but when for example a Clock or a poster is mounted to a wall, I do this also like that.

Sometimes I add support=wall or support=wall_embedded, but the latter isn’t documented.


That’s mostly what I do.

It’s not incorrect, and it’s a slight work-around for the OSM data model, and is (IMO) the least wrong way.

I do this too. The advantage is (apart from being precise - it is exactly on the wall) that any moving of building around will not leave nodes at wrong places (as it otherwise seems to happen an awful lot)


As I thought myself, ATM as geometry node seems to be the most popular method. But it’s interesting to see that there is no consensus on single right answer.