walking vs. nordic walking and hiking (route tagging)


I stumbled over different taggings like route=walking and route=nordic_walking. I thought of adding a hint in the wiki pages for a better differentiation (just like "see also nordic_walking and hiking on a wiki page on “walking”), or even a recommendation not to use the tag “walking”.
The tag nordic_walking seems to be used only in middle europe, mainly Germany (at last quite rarely, but I suppose in an appropriate way for special nordic walking routes, that in fact exist), the tag walking has the same clustering in Germany and I imagine that also nordic_walking could be meant, but also hiking or route=foot could be the state of the routes. The tag walking is in fact spread all over the world but only in form of single occurrences.

My questions are:
Which wiki-pages should get this additional information (as you have also walking=yes on guideposts etc.) and
should the use of “walking” be discouraged? (better: foot, even distinguishing route=hiking and route=foot is quite difficult)