Voting for evaporation towers / graduation towers has started


I’ve started voting for evaporation towers tagging. Please vote on the Wiki.



man_made=evaporation_tower will replace man_made=gradution_tower (this tag had a few uses).

Additional tags

  1. tourism=attraction
  2. operator=
  3. opening_hours=
  4. brine_source= (new)
  5. length=; height=; width=
  6. lit=yes/no
  7. fee=yes/no
  8. seasonal=yes/no
  9. start_date=yes/no
  10. building=yes
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We have cooling tower, haven’t we?

There are dry and hybrid cooling towers. More accurately you want evaporative cooling,
These have evaporation itself as their only purpose. No cooling.

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The purpose of these towers is merely to evaporate the salt that floats as a mist in the air, which some sources say has health benefits.

I’m hesitant to vote on this since it’s out of my wheelhouse, but I was wondering if all evaporation towers are buildings and if so why is it not a sub-tag of building=* instead of man_made=*? Or really for that matter something like man_made=tower + tower:type=evaporation?

Could the “typo” in the thread title be corrected please?
stared → started

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As I mentioned now, I doubt it fits the man_made=tower definition. Plus, you will get the confusion as above concerning tower:type=cooling. There are man_made=cooling_tower and man_made=cooling, if not mentioning man_made=chiller.

I guess that makes sense. I don’t see why there would be confusion between these and a cooling tower since they are clearly different, but like I said it’s not my wheelhouse either :man_shrugging:

Voting stopped, I will repair the issues from voting comments and start again on Proposed features/evaporation tower & brine source - OpenStreetMap Wiki

Vote on the proposal name on this OSM Community voting page!

(link: Tagging proposal - salt concentration / evaporation / graduation tower)