[Voting] Feature Proposal - Announce proposals on the community forum

Hello everybody,

Thank you all for providing feedback on my proposal. I opened voting for: Announce proposals on the community forum

You can place your vote on the wikipage below:


Where on the forum do you suggest the announcements get posted? Perhaps a new subcategory under General?

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Here, in this sub community for now. If the volume gets high enough and we can find enough moderators, a new sub community can be requested.

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I would prefer a subcommunity for this. So that one can subscribe and see announcements without having to fish them from among all the posts.


I agree, a sub community from the start was better. We can request that at any time so if the proposal passes and enough moderators can be found it can be requested.

In the meantime, you can follow the tag wiki-proposal. Each RFC and Vote announcements should get that tag according to the proposal. You can then follow that tag to get a notification for each new topic with that tag.