Volunteers needed to map area at Montclair Plaza 20 miles east of LA

Hi, at Microsoft we have the Soundscape app (available on the iPhone app store). The app is aimed at Visually Impaired users primarily and uses data from OSM.

One user has reported through feedback that the entire area around the Montclair Plaza at 34.0842205,-117.6868131 is hardly mapped at all. The user was asking whether we could map this area for them.

Is there anyone willing to help with this task and ensure that the POIs in this area are added to OSM?

Thanks very much

P.S. the only POIs mapped in this area appear to be car parks.

I don’t live in the area, but this app looks interesting. I’ll have to try it here and see what it does!

@MikeN - the app is working very well. OSM allows us to now give visually impaired users a huge amount of detail in their environment and it therefore increase their independence and confidence. I am UK based. I am sighted, and I now use Soundscape as an alternative to Google maps when I want to get somewhere. So it works for sighted people too. But, the app is only as good as the data around them based on OSM.

Let me know what you think when you play around with it. I am also happy to answer any questions if you have any.


I’ve added a submission at https://osmbc.openstreetmap.de/ so with a bit of luck it should appear in http://www.weeklyosm.eu/ (for next week’s, not tomorrow’s).