Found this today via the german OSM blog:

I’m not into Web that much, has anybody heared about this guys here at OSM?

I’ve stumbled upon that news story, too, but have not otherwise heard about this project.

An open source alternative to! Great!

I came to their page a year go and was puzzled what they were going to do.

Yes, but IMHO it’s bad style not to introduce yourself nor adding full S3DB support nor attribution nor hammering 3rd party APIs …

Let’s see how this will continue, personally I get more and more disappointed by the steps that 3D at OSM side and Mozilla do. My dream of a real good open and volunteer driven portal is getting more and more away due to the clutter in different initaitives etc…

They just extrude building outlines. Not really osm 3d relevant yet and no need to tell anyone about. Yes, BAD style not to attribute overpass api usage… Just some stuff by the new hip guys selling old stuff as new :slight_smile:
And btw stuff isnt done by dreaming about it but by doing it :slight_smile:

It’s so true, unfortunatly my real life has currently no opportunities to invest to much time on bigger projects :confused: