visual tool to resort waypoints in GPX track - OpenRouteService

Hi, not sure if this is the correct place to ask, but I did not find any better.

I want to go on hikes and visit certain coordinates during that. Say, I have 30 coordinates in and near a certain village, and I’d like to plan a route where I touch all of those.

There’s no need for automatic optimization. It would be enough if I could import my waypoints as a GPX track, the tool would display my waypoints, and allow me to manually resort these. This would almost work perfectly with OpenRouteService, but I can’t manage to import my waypoints completely. I guess that it ignores all points that are not on a way. If I import a GPX track with 30 points, I see only 18 in the UI. First I thought it’s a limit to 20 points, but when I import only 20 points, I get 8 or 9.

Is there any trick to achieve what I want with OpenRouteService, or is there any other OSM-based tool that I could use? As an alternative, a tool that would simply display my waypoints and allow me to plan a route around?

Sample file with 10 waypoints:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8' standalone='yes' ?>
<gpx version="1.1">
<trkpt lat="50.01511" lon="10.47004"></trkpt>
<trkpt lat="50.01072" lon="10.46633"></trkpt>
<trkpt lat="50.00886" lon="10.46492"></trkpt>
<trkpt lat="50.01184" lon="10.46555"></trkpt>
<trkpt lat="50.00714" lon="10.48322"></trkpt>
<trkpt lat="49.99482" lon="10.447"></trkpt>
<trkpt lat="50.00944" lon="10.46465"></trkpt>
<trkpt lat="50.01067" lon="10.4668"></trkpt>
<trkpt lat="49.99923" lon="10.47749"></trkpt>

Shows only 6 waypoints in OpenRouteService:

Seems that komoot can do halfway what I want. Still automatically removes some supposedly unnessary waypoints, but I can live with that.