Visiblitiy milestones

Dear friends,

I’m adding milestones to a highway. But whatever layer I open after that, they don’t show up.
(I follow the Wiki on how to do that.)

I expect them for instance on the ‘Humanitarian’ map, since they can be important to pinpoint where you are in the dark.
Or the ‘Transportmap’ (Dutch, ‘Transportkaart’), the ‘bicyclemap’ (Dutch, ‘Fietskaart’) or even the Standardmap.

But the only way to make them visible is going into the edit-mode. But that of course, is not the way to use the map.

Any suggestions?


Its rendering was discussed in the OSM Carto style used by Standard Tile Layer, and OSMAnd

Thanks Kovoschiz. So the answer is ‘no’, you can’t.

That’s strange. I mean, why the opportunity to place objects that will never show up?:expressionless:

They are visible on some maps.
I know only one:
Other maps using highway=milestone you can find on (this list isn’t probably complete)

The style underlying also shows them. That map covers the UK and Ireland and not the Netherlands, but you could create a map in that style for NL if you wanted to.

Thanks all. I see now that there are some ‘workarounds’ but…

I started mapping for HOTOSM. I saw the pictures, after a flooding, a severe storm and tried to help with mapping roads and buildings.
But then I imagined that I was driving there in a Red Cross car, (maybe in the dark) knowing that I had to leave the main road at a certain point to get to people that need help. And all there is is this main road and the markers, every kilometer. Then, it would be nice to know that you have to drive 10 more markers before you going left or right to get to the victimes. That is why I expected to see the markers at least on the Humanitarian map. Or Standard. But Transport can do as well…

But maybe I’m thinking to much in details. I’m retired from a profession where we mapped everything in public space from and for our city.

By the way, I’m not mapping in the Netherlands, but in Sri Lanka. :slight_smile:

Yeah, but without showing [distance] is useless…

As the saying goes, pull requests welcome…

OpenPoiMap also can show milestones with the “user pois”:
You have to click on a milestone to get its details.