Visibility of state borders

I very often have a hard time finding and following US state borders once I have zoomed in to any degree. They’re very clear and apparent when zoomed out to a regional level. I wonder if this problem is not widespread, and what kind of support there might be for emphasizing the state borders more heavily.

What is visible depends on which map renderer and rendering configuration you are using. Give as a clue!

No renderer, except the editors, shows everything, as it would be too cluttered.

The default style at does a good job for me - state borders disappear only when you can also see essentially the whole world.

If you are using the default rendering on, does selecting the relevant object help, e.g. <>? Of course that will only show one object at a time.

Hi guys. I have no clue what renderer or configuration I’m using. Sorry.

@hadw, that relation thing is awesome. I guess you get there by doing a search for the object, in this case, a US state? That’s essentially what I was looking for, maybe even more.