virtual Mapping Party tool needs some help please


I shoot panoramic streetviews at

This could be the perfect tool for mapping parties:

  1. Record track and shoot streetviews every second by just walking down the streets.
  2. Many OSM enthusiasts from all over the world working together processing the footage.

However I got stuck with OpenLayers for the player page.

Please have a look at this page:

What I am looking for is the indicator icon to be above the green dots, AND the green dots clickable.

Right now either the green dots are clickable with the indicator icon below them,
or the indicator icon is ontop, but the green dots are not clickable anymore.
Depending on what layer is ontop.

There are two layers:
vectors and lgpx.
vectors has the rotating indicator icon only.
lgpx the green dots.

Indicator code:

Any help is very appreciated.

Thank you,