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Hi folks,

First of all, I am not sure, whether I posted this threat at the correct location. Also please know, I am a complete dummy with OSM.

My situation: I have successfully uploaded a track to It is a gpx file with a file size of approx 20MB and about 120k location stamps.

I want to see the track on a map and I want to export that map as a high res .png file in order to use it for a non commercial YouTube video to present the route of my 2020 motorbike tour.

My problem: when I select the track in the “my tracks folder” I cannot see it on the map. I was not able to make it visible. Any hints on this? Also does anybody know how I can produce the desired .png file once my track becomes visible?

Many thanks for your help.

Best regards

See this website and check if you can upload your gpx file there.

Why don’t you use uMap? Perfect solution for anybody who wants to create a personal map.