View OFM W3 on Dakota very palish

The view on my Dakota 20 of OFM W3 comes rather pale, not as the fine greenish outlook with al the details which are to be seen on the OFM site.
Why is this? Have I done something wrong? Is this pale outlook allright?
Used a brandnew cardreader with port 2,0 and microcard-slot.
Took about 10 minutes that the whole unzipped! map (1,4 Gb) was copied.
Is alos this o.k.?

If you look in Friesland (Holland): no forest: pale.
If I look in Germany: forest: green, almost the same as OSM site picture,
I see hight-lines (dotted), o.k., furthermore the colors are not as bright as on the site. And indeed, in Oregon all would be a bit more accentuated, so I know.

Double posting, see

If you dont like the looks of the OFM EU maps you can edit the typ file, see