viaroute sample in the new version please

I used the following http request,20.342641&loc=64.507369,16.747951&loc=64.931506,15.757998&alt=false&compression=false

to get route waypoints.

It stopped working and I get this message

The OSRM Demo server has moved to API Version 5. Documentation for the new version can be found at

I was unable to set the new http request to get the route waypoints like I had before…

Can someone help and show me the substitute url for :,20.342641&loc=64.507369,16.747951&loc=64.931506,15.757998&alt=false&compression=false

many thanks

What about asking that on any channel listed at ?

I am not familiar with…

Or look at their github page: there is a mailing list dedicated to osrm discussion mentioned.

Thanks !!!