Are viaducts rendered on the mapnik layer?
I added one but it doesn’t appear to have rendered.

Unfortunately no, nor in Osmarender. Neither does bridge=aqueduct
but I’ve been told that bridge=swing does.

Dave F.

Cheers for that. I can confirm that swing bridges do indeed render, or at least did the last time I checked. I’ve added several of those.
Shame about viaducts and aqueducts. :frowning:

Just done a bit of checking (with Mapnik):
It seems bridge=viaduct and bridge=swing (or bridge=anything else?) renders for highways, but not for railways.
But bridge=yes is the only bridge that renders for railways.

And bridge=aqueduct is rendered for waterways (or highways).

Aaah, very interesting. Given that railways are some of the most prevalent uses of viaducts it’s a bit weird. I’ll do a little digging and see if there’s a reason but otherwise I’ll create an ticket on Trac about it. Thanks very much for the extra info.

Alex, please do create the ticket.

I modified (many, but not all) highway bridges a while back to render bridge=, so it catches swing, draw, viaduct and anything else. Yes, even bridge=no renders as bridge.

bridge=aqueduct renders for waterway=canal. If there actually are other types of waterway with aqueducts, be welcome to point them out and we can modify that.

I’ve created the ticket and linked back to this discussion. Many thanks for all the information.


You’re correct. I was told it didn’t, but didn’t check for myself. Ta


Could you clarify your post please, I’m a bit confused by it?

“I modified (many, but not all) highway bridges” - All or just the ones you’ve mapped?

“bridge=” - Sorry, what is ? Do you mean bridge=yes? isn’t that the way to catch all?

“even bridge=no renders as bridge” - Is there purpose for this?

Dave F.

@DaveF: The clue is in the 2nd part of the sentence: “to render”. Okay, could be a bit more verbose, granted.

What I meant was that I updated the mapnik style to render more bridges for most highways. is whatever value you put there. You could currently put e.g. highway=motorway + bridge=fourscoreandsevenyearsago in the db, and it would still render as a bridge.

And about bridge=no: the purpose to the catch all was to have a catch all, but it might make sense to exclude bridge=no from the list.

@Alex: why did you change the assignee to Steve, when the default these days is ?

I thought I was supposed to assign it to him. My apologies. Thanks for changing it.

If you assign it to him, I don’t get a notification mail, and I have to stumble upon it whenever I browse the list of tickets. :slight_smile:

I will remember that for the future. :slight_smile: