vgps android

Hi All,

I developed offline navigation application for android, vector map, routing from point to point totally offline, no internet connection require.

Key features:
Zoom in/Zoom out/Pan.
Search street by name.
Search point by name, type, distance or mix type+name, type+distance.
Partial name search.
Can touch any object on the map.
GPS real-time tracking with built in compass.
Routing point to point.
Rotate map so the driving direction (heading) is always up.
Voice guidance (turn left/turn right)

You can click here to search VGPS in the Android Market

There is a free version of the application: Singapore Offline Map (Demo), you can install this application for free to see how the offline map application works on your android phone.

If you have any suggestion to improve the application, please contact us at



when I look i the market via the above mentioned link, it says 2,98 Euros … or am I wrong?

Try OsmAnd

I will definitely help improve the application!