Vespucci, EasyEdit: How to insert a new node in a way?


A n00b question: How do I insert a new node in a way using EasyEdit in Vespucci?

I’ve checked the tutorial and it claims that it’s just to long-tap on the line between to existing nodes, and I’ll get a brand new node. Now I’ve tapped the line in every way I can (think of), without any new nodes appearing. So what is the trick?

I do get new nodes if I choose ‘New’ on the menu, and I’m able to move nodes and continue ways using EasyEdit, but I would like to insert new nodes (and create new ways) without having to change mode in the menu.

Setup: Vespucci 0.8.2r416, Android 4.1.2, Samsung Galaxy SIII (GT-I9300)


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