Vespucci 0.9.3 (BETA)

I’m in the process of preparing a new release for the google app store. This version contains a number of bug fixes and the following notable additions or improvements:

  • orthogonalize function for ways similar to iD/P2. It will work on angles within 10° of 90° and on closed and open ways. It does not simplify ways as iD does.
  • improved styling of map data
  • mid way handles to add nodes by dragging. This works similar to JOSM and iD: dragging the centre of ways will automatically insert a node, handy for improving the geometry of ways
  • large touch/drag area for selected nodes. This is an attempt at making it easier to move a node to a position without obscuring it with your finger. The default for this is off, if you want to test this you need to turn it on in the preferences.

It would be nice to get some feedback on the last two additions. In particular if they work for you or need further tuning.

The current build can be downloaded from

PS: mid January we will be relocating the download location due to google no longer supporting downloads from google code.