Vespucci 0.9.0

Since a couple of days there is a new version of Vespucci available (see that addresses a large number of issues previous versions had and adds a handful of new features. The most important changes are

  • simplified UI
  • relation support for existing relations, creation of turn restriction relations
  • move and rotate ways
  • copy, cut and paste of nodes and ways
  • substantially better implementation of reversing, splitting and merging ways including maintaining correct relation membership
  • support for OSM Notes instead of OSM Bugs
  • OAuth support
  • stylable map data display
  • experimental geo-referenced photograph layer
  • quick reenabling of “follow GPS” mode
  • preset list in tag editor can be reset
  • basic Samung multi window support
  • many bug fixes

See for some more information.

I expect a further maintenance release in a couple of weeks to address some remaining annoyances. If there are major new features I would expect infrequent beta builds to be available too. Given that the bug tracker requires a google account to submit issues, I’ll gladly answer questions of general interest on


will you distribute the new version over the Google Market? I am using Vespucci from time to time and it would be easier for me to rely on the Google market updates rather than looking myself if each installed App is up to date.

I do not control the google side of things. There is a plan to distribute it at some point in time via the Play Store, but no concrete schedule available.



Regards Klaus

BTW there is now a beta/dev version of 0.9.1 available for download. It has a couple of annoyances fixed and supports, as major new feature (which needs most testing), incremental downloads.



After numerous hickups 0.9.1 is available in the google store.

Hello Simon,

If I am not wrong, in Google Playstore we still have the old text about changes in new versions 0.9 and 0.9.1 … do we have a changelog or history file in Vespucci’s source code? And if yes, is it included in Transifex text base in order to be translated?

I’m not quite sure which text you are referring too, the change text hasn’t been updated for 0.9.0 to 0.9.1 thats true.

No, I could generate one from the commits naturally.

Not quite sure if transifex could handle such a large document as one string though.

What we are clearly missing is at least a multi-lingual getting started guide. I’m however not convinced that using the google code wiki is a good platform for that.


Hi Simon,

I mean at there is a text (in german language app store):

Neue Funktionen
bug fixed: handling node IDs greater than 2^31
bug fixed: addr:street fail to guess the nearest way

I am sure to 99% that this text was already there **before **the 0.9 release. Or am I wrong?

And I am not aware about the features of Transifex, but have a look at the Weblate implementation for Osmand:

As far as I know even the long text strings that are included in PlayStore are translatable.

Ah, there is no translation of the change list and I personally don’t think we should (at this point) be spending time on translating it to multilple languages (when we could be using the same people to translate “real” documentation). Very likely Marcus simply used the English text for the German page the last time he did an update and didn’t do the same when he uploaded 0.9.1. I expect a minor update (bug fixes and translations) fairly soon and will ask him to fix it then.

I’m thinking about what best to do with the documentation, the google code wiki stuff is, being very nice, suboptimal for real documentation. As soon as I have that figured out I’ll look at moving such text to transifex too.


I don’t use play market, can you please make the downloads available again?

“again”? The current version (and most of the time it is actually newer than what is available on the market) has been available all the time, see . In any case I would urge everybody to upgrade to 9.2r622. No new features over the last couple of weeks, but a lot of bug fixes (mainly some very old issues).



The latest version in is 0.8.3r419. ¿Are you the maintainer of Vespucci in that repository?

No, he isn’t, and it would be very uncommon for f-droid if he would be. Have a look at this thread in f-droid’s forum and their FAQ.

WRT f-droid, likely the issue is that the 0.9 branch is still a branch and not the trunk. I will discuss with Markus if he can fix that.