Very bad import in Cameroon

Hi, I just noticed this very bad import of landuse (and possibly buildings) in Cameroon:

There are thousands of overlapping nodes, and a number of overlapping ways. the landuse nodes are all in a grid (with ways connecting the nodes over multiple of 45° angles).

There also seems to be no discussion of the import, and the comments of those doing the import mention “survey” as a source (which I find highly unlikely), and that they map data for “ENEO”.

After a search, it appears that ENEO is an energy company in Cameroon.

I also tried contacting some of the contributors via changeset discussions yesterday, but didn’t get a reply so far.

I don’t know how to handle such massive imports further. I’d be in favour of reverting it completely and removing all landuse there.

This bad import was found thanks to Neis’ tool:

Can you give some examples of “bad” import or overlapping nodes/ways) like

Automated imports have always to be discussed, so maybe ask the mapper again and wait maximal 7 days.
See the Import Wiki page.

Contact DWG if it is really anoying for you and can’t be solved in your local community.

For more info read this page, section Problems.