Vending machine bicycle tubes

in Germany we’ve got vending machines with bicycle tubes. They are often located nearbye a cycleroute or a bikeshop. I started tagging it with
amenity=vending_machine ; vending=bicycle_tube
Is that correct? If someboby has a better idea, please let me know.

Greetings from the Ruhrpott

Sounds sane, I would add it to the wiki on vending_machine and make links on pages such as: cycleway

I had suggested to discuss that outside the German part of the forum because of language issues, so it’s not just about integration with “vending_machine” (which is fine, imo), but about the value “bicycle_tube”.

Is “bicycle tube” the correct translation for the German “Fahrradschlauch” ( – inner tube of bicycle tires? Is it common for native speakers to leave out the “inner” from “bicycle inner tube”, which is what I found in some dictionaries? (I can imagine it is, because it would be quite a long term otherwise, but I thought I’d rather ask.)

well you have your answer right there;

  1. it exists only in germany (so far)
  2. it’s hard to translate to english

I would way I understand what bicycle_tube means (even though I think of a subway of bikes), I’m not sure what Schlauch means but I’m guessing it’s not really “tube”, more like hose?

Even though it might no be correct english, I don’t think it’s worse than “highway”.

PS. you must have crappy roads :slight_smile: DS…

  1. no the company that runs the machines in our town has also machines in Austria, Belgium, Swiss, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Holland and Slovenia. there are already 520 installed, every week they install 10 new.
  2. but you have cycles with tires ? :wink: only german! but some pictures…

I would be more likely to call them inner tubes than bicycle tubes if I were to talk about them. The bicycle would be implied by the context of the conversation, and I’ve not knowingly driven any other vehicles that have inner tubes in their tyres that I might be able to replace.

Not sure whether that helps or not.


I like bike tube better since it’s easier to understand… :slight_smile:

I agree with emj, i also would call them bike-tubes. Almost all bicycles do have inner tubes, but racing-bycicles do have a single tube wich is the inner-tube and the outer tire at the same time…