Vector Rendering on mobile Devices with HTML5 & JS


for my master thesis i’m interessting in osm rendering on mobile Devices with the Html Canvas and JS on mobile Devices.

i’m searching a long time to find a great offline vector file format.
I read that bpf is not fast enough because the blocks are not indecied by location

vector tiles from mapbox with protobuf should work. But i think it’s a server-client file, not for storing local.

I think a format with r-tree and protobuf like the OsmSharp (C#) Format should be great.

My Questions are:

  • Is there a great format, i’m locking for?
  • What are developments working on such a topic?
  • Is there a potential for a master thesis?

If not done yet, I would recommend to ask this question at the OSM general or developer mailing list.


ok, thanks