Vector map to OSM

Good day,
I want to ask for help about creating OSM map from vector file:

  • I have a map (~ 30km X 20km) in scale 1:10000 (with countour lines, but without elevation values) and GPS co-ordinates of exactly positioned points on that map, the map is in .AI & .EPS file format (it`s not a problem to convert it to different common vector file type)

  • how can I convert that map to the OSM format ? I didn’t find so far anything about that (perhaps I overlooked it, for that I`m sorry)


Maybe an entry point can be this?

It is also important to know before “importing” whether some objects on your map are already present in the original OSM data.

It is no good when some data set is imported as a bulk and some objects are doubled then.

So the best way should be to work with layers: one for your map and anothe for the OSM data so far. Then, add all missing objects to the OSM data step by step.

Another question that has to be answered:
What is the origin of your map?
are you really allowed to use it for OSM purposes without breaking any other licence or copyright?

Maybe he don’t wants to import, but just process locally?

The map is completely different from available maps for that region, because it is a map of land property borders and special landmarks which is used in my work. I`m allowed to use it for working purpouses. There are not specific restrictions when using on other computer platforms than PC.

Yes, that’s correct. I want to be able to use that map on my tablet while in the work.

long time no post, so here`s the update:

I created from my sources a georeferenced vector map in ArcMAP - this map is styled (outlines, polygon fills, labels), now the question is, how can I convert this styled map from ArcMAP to OSM format ?