Changeset 60446727 in Chongqing contains outright vandalism. I recovered two deleted ways from it. I haven’t checked the rest of it, but I expect it is also problematic. What should we do about it?

It’s their only first and only edit in OSM, so rather than deliberate vandalism it looks like they’re confused about what they’re doing. Sometimes people think that they are editing a personal map, and just delete things that they do not want to see.

The first thing that I would do would be to comment on the changeset (and include a translation into their own language) politely explaining what OSM is and why what they have done is a problem. I’d also ask them what they were trying to do, and pointing them at a service that might help (such as umap).

The next thing is to try and revert the changeset in its entirety - I’m doing that now.

Finally double-check any edited relations to make sure that thet still make sense after the revert.

EDIT - revert complete in . Please check that the data looks sensible after that.