Vandalism in data for Zakynthos

I recently stumbled upon the edits of the user “nikpet67” (
Must prominantly the one covering most parts of Zakynthos ( and I must say that the changes seems quite strange.
The changeset does not contain any new nodes or ways, instead all edits consists of adding tags to existing features, i.e. adding “name=hiway” to a lot of “highway=residential” or adding “name=ferry-terminal” to POI:s tagged with “amenity=ferry_terminal”.
Also the main key of quite a few ways have been changed, i.e this highway=track which was changed to highway=trunk (

As I don’t have any local knowledge of the areas in the users changesets, I can’t say that 100% of the edits should be counted as vandalism and I would like it if anyone from the Greek community could offer some input in this matter.

I have sent the user an PM asking for source for the edits and reason for adding extra info, but I realise that a message in English might not have the desired effect, so I would appreciate if someone could send him an PM in greek as well.



Hello, the road classification standards for Greece is quite lenient at the moment, unlike the UK, so it might be easy to confuse a major Island road as a trunk, but I definitely agree that there are no trunk roads in that Island.

However, I am already proposing major changes to the road classification system because of the Provincial Road law that I discovered last month in May. You may consult this at, which contains the document I am talking about. At present I am still using secondary roads for tracing numbered EΠ roads (Provincial Roads, αρχιακών οδών). - the document I am talking about are numbered, albeit without a prefix.