Vandalism at Lviv Airport

Excuse me for posting in English.

Someone removed all tags from the runway at Lviv airport - see way 178489624. It seems that a couple of helipads were also mutilated, I still need to investigate. I consider this deliberate vandalism, probably related to the current state of war.

I will restore all the tags as they were; but is there anything we can do to prevent this? The data working group DWG could block the account, but that will take some time.

PS I see mapper @Gorozan also working on reverting.

I wrote to the data working group and received Ticket#2022030110000058

Admins delete the topic and roll back the ticket. We have a WAR

Those who master German language could consult - strong consensus that it is totally useless to modify our database in function of this deplorable war. It is even stated that OSM should not make itself a party in the war - whatever the personal opinions of various contributors.

Hello, Jan
What do you mean by vandalism? That the Russians are destroying our airports?

You are referring to the reverts of another mapper. Although I understand that all these deletions do not make sense. But his motives are alarming to me. I do not believe that a person from Russia who has never been related to Ukraine is worried about the preservation of our airports. I suspect that he wants us all to be killed as in the Bucha. I believe that such users have no place in OSM