Validator warning: "way end node near other way"


I’m still trying to use the validator plugin for JOSM (not sure many people do that, looking at the number of problems reported), and to fix as much as possible (I was dreaming of fixing everything when I was young, a few days ago).

How to deal with cases when this situation is intentional ? I mean: yes one way is ending near another, and it’s like this in reality. For example in this place:
There is a service way going through a parking area, and since everything is quite small, the nodes are “near” each other.

I might have an easy fix for this precise case, by removing the service way (it’s only painting within the parking anyway), but this warning sometimes pops up in other places.


Don’t do anything because it is right. It is not validator bug either, because is does not have local knowledge and such a case could be data error as well. Keep right service that is having an own bug database has an “ignore (false positive)” tick for these cases, but it is not reasonable to start using some “notjoined=yes” tag in OSM.

You can use noexit=yes to indiacte that this way ends for all traffic (including pedestrians and cyclists)
[EDIT:] It looks like validator is expecting the noexit-tag on the last node of the way not on the whole way…

noexit=yes does not work. And by the way I don’t think it is correct in such cases.

ticking ignore works, but it limits the effect to my computer, which means that other people will be annoyed by the warning, or go through the trouble of checking/ignoring it

also, I understand that on the left hand side of the parking, validator can have a doubt, but on the right side, the service way is not ending nowhere, but joining another way

are some of you guys using the validator, and trying to have no warning ? this sounds like a lot of work
or maybe there is a way to apply validation only on changes we have done before uploading them ?

I use the validator and I’d like to clear the warning/error list as well but that’s impossible in today’s state.

It would be great if the validator had some sort of local database with exceptions. One then could carefully investigate particular problem and if it was alright (like this “way end node near other way”) he would right-click it and choose something like “this is correct” and the problem would then disappear from the warning list forever.

This feature exists, at least in my version of JOSM/validator, but this is local only.
On linux the exceptions are stored in ~/.josm/plugins/validator/ignorederrors

Yes, it’s there, I’m blind. Thanks Gnurfos… :slight_smile: