Using Yandex Panoramas for OSM Data Source

According to this page on the wiki, you can use Yandex Panoramas as a source for entering data into OSM (see item 4 under “The Data Sources”). I have been searching everywhere and can’t seem to find the actual source of that reference where Yandex supposedly gives permission. The closest I can get is on their site (see paragraph 2.3), but again, it’s fairly vague. Does anyone have insight regarding where I can find the source that was quoted on the wiki? Where it’s recent, I’d love to use this source, but that sentence on the wiki does not point to where permission was given, which should be noted before this imagery is usable as a source for inputting OSM data. I’d love some help if anyone is familiar with it.

Hi raptor,
Have a look here with some instructions.

I found this page on the wiki about yandex panorama’s on openstreetmap (in Russian apparently):ВикиПроект_Россия/Яндекс.Панорамы
I suspect this is what you were looking for.

That is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!