Using the same key with multiple values

I’m editing a local library, and they offer multiple means of key:internet_access (wlan, terminal).

Would the proper tagging method be to use them comma separated, or have two instances of the key?




internet_access: wlan
internet_access: terminal

Again, thanks in advance for helping a new editor get it right!

I did some reading on the wiki, etc. Turns out the proper format would be:


You should use semicolon instead of comma. You can use tag only one time in object, so the second solution will not work. More about multiple values you can read on Wiki:

Although semi-colon separated multi-value is more common, there appears to be some using internet_access:wlan:*= sub-key for further details already.

Should be internet_access=wlan;terminal

Good call - JOSM puts that in there, so I never paid attention to whether it was a : or =