Using the forum as the main discussion platform for tagging

this is relatively new though, before you could use nabble to read and post, but they are not there any more (AFAIK)

Why not move the whole proposal process here?

I mean, create proposal as wiki post, have discussions and voting on Discourse and then copy the final version of wiki post to wiki, with a link to proposal (and discussion and voting) in Discourse?

Whole proposal process should be dealt in one place. It does not matter which one as long it is one place.

There are some complications to this.
As explained here (Edit messages time limitation) the creator of the topic cannot edit the post for as long as he wants.
Uses with trust level 0 and 1 can edit posts only during the 24 hours following the post creation; while users with trust level 2 can edit post for one month.
Attaining level 2 should not be too complicated, but it still requires the user to log in the forum in 15 different days; thus requiring at least half a month before they can manage such a discussion.

30 days to initiate and conclude a discussion looks like a good amount of time, however the approval of any feature requires at least one month to be concluded: the voting on the proposal has to be started at least 2 weeks after the RfC and the voting itself has to last two weeks.
Thus, one month to maintain the discussion could not be enough.
Under these circumstances this solution might not be appropriate to deal with this kind of discussions.
Some other possible solutions to keep the discussions ordered have been proposed:

  • Turn a topic into wiki mode where anyone with TL1 can edit. (here)
  • Append tags to a topic and all the related ones to make the easy to search and to subscribe to the topic (here)
  • Increase the edit time limit or remove the limitation completely (here)

The main problem with this would be splitting the place where the proposal will be published and the place where it is voted. The full text of the proposal might be proposed on the forum to obviate to this, but that might generate some problems since the data would then have to be transferred to the wiki.

The wiki is one necessary step in the proposal process, since approved proposals need to be published there. If the whole process has to be dealt in one place, then that place should be the wiki because it’s the only platform that is strictly necessary for it to take place.


The wiki is the proposal process. The proposal process determines how tags are documented on the wiki. Nothing else. You are free to use whatever tags you like in OSM no matter what the wiki says.


That’s exactly what I meant by

Yes, we should keep proposal process in one place. So let Discourse be this place and only after accepting the proposal, the article would go to wiki. With a link to proposal on Discourse so that everyone can easily find the discussion and voting.

Please, discuss about voting and proposal in the dedicated topic: Moving to the new forum for proposals and voting

Here we should focus on identifying problems and advantages about using this forum as the main place where discussion about those proposals should take place.

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