Using Street Names from OSM data

There is a lot of streets to re-map in Australia since the license change.
If we trace the streets from bing satelite imagery, can we use the street names from the OSM data before the license change?
If so, prior to what data date can be used?

If the street names were added by people who have not agreed to the license change, you cannot legally use that information for re-mapping. This is probably the case with most street names that were removed during the license change process.

There may be some exceptions (e.g. a street mapped and named by someone who has agreed, which was removed only because it used pre-existing nodes by non-agreers), but these are likely quite rare in comparison.

Ok, thanks. I was wrong in my thinking.
This means we can get the roads and other features back on the map (say via bing imagery), and slowly catch up with names.