Using plugin "editing OSM". Unauthorized

Enabled plugin for editing OSM. Before that i registered at with mail(login) and password and test editing map from iD (browser editor). Everything works and changeset was saved.
I set this login and password in plugin settings from osmand, than change poi info and send changeset to server. server answered with message “Unknown problem” and popup message “error. unauthorized”
Any ideas?

The most active OsmAnd forum is probably!forum/osmand - if you don’t get an answer here, maybe someone there will know?

Its solved. It was one-day-problem on server side. Now its working good

I still have this problem:
Account created today, confirmed via received link, transferred working login-data to osmand, but i still get the message “unautorized”.

Maybe install other apps like Vespucci or StreetComplete where you can enter your OSM credentials, to see whether logging in works there …