using osm data on commercial printed map

Hi all,
I’m new in OSM and I’m little bit confused about licencing and using OSM data. I would like to make paper map of tourist area so I downloaded sph files from this link: and made a map where are roads, forests, villages and towns, railways, water from this source in scale 1:100 000. I styled by myself (and different than on I added few tips for tracks (as “you should visit this place, this, this, this and use this way. whole is 35km long”). And now the question, can I sell this map (in the map is written something like (c)OSM)? Or must I give this map for free?

Sorry, if this is stupid question, question answered many times before, I just need to be sure, that what I do is ok, because OSM is great project, so I don’t want to do anything bad :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot,

Ofcourse you may sell this map. The license only requires you to add something like “© OpenStreetMap contributors” on your map. See this wiki page for more information.

Good luck, I hope your map sells well!

Thanks a lot, you bring peace to my soul :smiley:


I would love to see the map that you created, is it possible that you post a (low resolution) image? It could be a candidate for “image of the week”.

Perhaps rather Map data © OpenStreetMap contributors as stated in

The map itself is a produced work it can be published under what ever license including all the non-free licenses.

Not yet, it isn’t fully complete :). But after it will fully complete, of course :). Is somewhere link, where could I upload small image, or should I uploaded it here?