Using OpenStreetMap in web application (No Access to internet). ASPNET

Requirements For Project :

1)Use OpenStreeMap and develop web application.
2)Web application will not have access to internet (Important no internet access).
3)Openstreet maps will have to run offline.
4)We want to use South America region (offline)
5)Web application query sql server database. Query will return list of latitude and longitude rows which have to loaded up on the map.

I am quite new to OpenStreetMap and have no knowledge how to install maps offline and load them up in our .net application.

Any pointers or direction please.

Please help.


if you want to find the solution on your own, start reading the OSM wiki at and get familiar with all elements what the OSM database consists of, and how to process them to get a certain result.
Also read or search or or ask at and … an importand keýword is “offline”

Or if you need professional help, see