Using more than one map in MapSource

I had no problem downloading my first (small) map. It displayed well in MapSource and then BaseCamp.

Then I downloaded a second (slightly larger) map and when I ran the .exe, an error indicated that the 'OSM generic routable is already installed. So I aborted the install.

I hunted for the folder where the first map was located - ‘C:\Program Files\Garmin\Maps\OSM generic routable’ - and renamed it to ‘OSM generic routable-01’. Again I got the error on running the .exe, but proceeded this time. The new map displayed correctly in MS.

I then attempted to inspect the new folder, expecting it to be ‘C:\Program Files\Garmin\Maps\OSM generic routable’ and move files from the ‘-01’ folder. But the expected folder did not exist, although MS displayed the second map.

I then found a new folder - ‘C:\Garmin\Maps\OSM generic routable’. Confused, I looked here and then installed JaVaWa GMTK, which I had downloaded recently but not installed.

I changed the product ID, but still unable to re-install the first map.

My intension is to add to my map collection as required, to keep the downloads to a minimum.

Using Windows XP: Any suggestions?

The installer (and GMTK) use registry settings to point BaseCamp/MapSource to the correct IMG file location. As mentioned in your FAQ quote, install one map, rename it and install the second map. As things stand now, you should probably uninstall the first map. You’ll probably have to undo the folder rename in order to have this work.