using mkgmap.jar --style-list to point to a new style


I seem to have a problem making a new style sheet appear using mkgmap.jar --style-list

Has anybody else used style-file successfully so that the new style appears?

Ive copied the default style direcory and named it abc

Its in the same directory as my mkgmap.jar

I then enter

java -jar mkgmap.jar --style-file=abc

or even its full path

java -jar mkgmap.jar --style-file=“c:\mkgmap\abc” with and without quotes

But, when entering

java -jar mkgmap.jar --list-styles

it only lists the defaults

What am I doing wrong Am I missingh something obvious?

Thanking you in anticipation

–list-styles will only list the styles that are compiled into the mkgmap.jar file. It won’t list any additional styles you create.

I think I remember that it does, but you need to use both commands like

java -jar mkgmap.jar --style-file=abc --list-styles

and then it would list the style files that are in directory abc.

Brilliant, that now works putting it all on one line!!!

Perhaps this could be mentioned in the help file?