Using Josm 'circle' commands

I wish to create a path of specific length from a given point and think that the ‘circle’ command might help me to do this.

I have installed the ‘command’ addin and the command line is displayed.

I have found the 'command definition :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<command version="3" name="Circle" icon="circle.png" run="python {Center} {Radius} {Sides}">
	<parameter required="true" type="point">
		<description>Center of circle</description>
	<parameter required="true" type="length" minvalue="0.1" maxvalue="10000">
		<description>Radius of circumcircle(m)</description>
	<parameter required="true" type="natural" minvalue="3" maxvalue="144">
		<description>Number of sides</description>

Unfortunately I don’t know what to do next.
How do I pass the point, radius and sides to the command.
Sorry if this is very elementary but I can’t find where this is specified

I am not familiar with the commandline plugins, but this page says you should begin typing Circle at the command line and it will then ask you for the parameters. I assume select a node on the map to anchor the output to before entering the command.
Where does the command line appear? … in one of the window icons at the left (and under the windows tab) which you would click on to open?

Once the ‘command’ addin is installed the command line is automically displayed at the top of the screen (see attached)

I’d done what you suggested (with variations) but no response

Looks good anyway

I think you could also use the measurement plugin
It puts an icon on the left side, which when selected opens a window that displays the output.

You can select the units under preferences>map settings>ok

Edit: I need to select the ‘draw nodes’ button first, then the tapemeasure icon at the left, then click on the map, and then works as described on the web page.

I just installed in on my iMac and works as expected.

You may need to double check where you created the CommandLine folder that holds all the files from folder “JOSM-CommandLine-commands-master” that you downloaded.

It may be that I haven’t all the Python modules installed.

I think those were installed when I installed this
but maybe the mac came with python installed?