USFS Roads and Tracks for USFS Region 3

Is it possible to use this as a background in ID for tracing roads and tracks and maybe obtaining the road/track numbers?

I cannot find any licensing information other than that it’s owned by the USFS and there is a metadata object for “Copyright” but it is left blank.

USFS road and tracks are really not doing very well in OSM.

Additionally, I’m thinking about collecting openstreetcam images using my jeep or motorcycle also so we can have more detailed surface conditions and track types to help with making USFS areas better.

Much USFS road data is available as built in layers. Open the backgrounds panel (B) and look for “U.S. Forest Service roads” in the backgrounds and “U.S. Forest Roads Overlay” in the overlays.

I’m not sure what the difference is. If the data for a particular area is missing, it should at least be possible to chase down why.

Unfortunately the US Forest Roads Overlay is missing most of the Tonto National Forest, which is where I’ve been working lately. In fact, it is missing most of the USFS Region 3 information.

I have a work around figured out though. I switched over to JOSM and loaded the KMZ as an overlay. Just have to get used to JOSM now instead of using ID.

I thought all of the MVUM’s in georeferenced pdf form were available here:
but curiously Tonto NF isn’t there!

Yea, Tonto is taking their sweet time converting the MVUM data into published maps. Luckily all their shape data is stored and frequently updated, so I can use their KML files.

It’s still time consuming, but working fairly well. The ways defined in the KML files appear to be based on actual GPX and field work. The lines are spot on with satellite imagery and my own GPX tracks in the areas.

Working with this data in JOSM has helped quite a bit.

It’s super handy because I can actually read their notes, and categorization of tracks in the KML files based on their field work.

I can realign existing ways to the to KML files (validated against satellite imagery). If a track doesn’t exist in OSM, I can copy and paste that one track from the KML layer into OSM and connect it to existing OSM ways and properly tag it.

While it’s certainly easier than tracing satellite images (especially with trees hiding some of the tracks), it’s still time consuming. I did some work last week in one forest and figure it’ll take me another 50 hours of work to finish it. That’s just the motorized roads. Then there’s all the non-motorized trails…

By the way, Tonto has “published” their new MVUM here, but the KML data in the Region 3 Geospatial site hasn’t been updated with it yet.

Thanks for doing this. As I explore around home (CO), and elsewhere I’m getting motorized routes updated. Are you doing the ATV & single track too?

Everything designated as motorized and open for now. I did some work in Tonto National forest and included some of the closed roads and designated them as closed, but in some area like Coconino or Apache Sitgreaves there are alot more of the “high clearance vehicle” type of tracks so I have to spend my time focused on what’s open to public use.

Full road coverage, State and Federal public land, forest roads, two tracks, USFS Roads, county roads, rivers, lakes and more. No other maps required.