users online - how to disable this?

Apparently the forum lists who is currently viewing the page (see footer on index). I could not find an option in my user settings to opt-out (in fact it should be opt-in). I feel this is a unneeded violation of my personal data / privacy. Publishing when I am viewing (not posting) those pages is not needed. So, please switch this feature off.

The forum only lists who is logged on, which is a choice. You don’t need to login to view the forum.

Anyway, it is an unnecessary feature so I’ll try to disable it during the switch to the new forum server.

Yes, sure – but I would like to stay logged in even while viewing (so I do not need to re-login to make a post, also subscriptions management only works logged-in). Thank you for taking a look at it!

Another possible work-around would be to auto-refresh every few minutes (how long is a session valid?) from an always-on system. And another reason to login without writingposting a Posting is to get notified about more than just the first answer.

But that would clearly be a better solution. :smiley:

The switch of the server is getting delayed further and further. The list of online users is disabled.