Hi everybody.

I start new topic for osm contributors and users from Мontenegro. I thing it’s time to meet each other offline.

Zdravo. Ja jelim da napravim prvi sastanak maperov Crnoj Gori.

6 aprila 12:00 u Podgorice.
Upoznacemo se, podruzimo se. Ja cu ispricati sve sta znam.
Posle se setacemo, sakupljacemo adrese i poi 2-3 sata i ponovo cemo se naci u cafani.
4-5 sati za sve.

Izabracemo cafanu kasnije. Ja sazdal topik na forumu

Hi, I think it’s time to make a first maping party in Montenegro.

6 april, at 12:00 in Podgorica.
Let’s meet and talk together. I can answer some questions.
After that we can walk and grab some addresses and POIs, and then meet again in cafe.
Something about 4-5 hours for all.

We’ll chouse cafe later. I have started the topic on forum here
(I will change a link if a new topic exactly about meeting will be created)

Hi, do you want a separate subforum for Montenegro?

Hi Lambertus, yes.

And I make a mistake, users:Montenegro ofcourse.

Subforum is created. Have fun!