users: Macedonia

Could we create a new OSM Community - user: Macedonia ?

Done. Can you please make a welcome post which I can sticky. Thanks!

Hello Lambertus,

Thank you very much for your fast answer!

I just submitted my WELCOME on the new added OSM community – users: Macedonia.

Kind regards,

How did you manage it, actually I didn’t get what Lambertus meant. I’d like to create a community for Argentina

I just added a subforum for Argentina. Please make a nice welcome topic that I can sticky. Thanks!

Bien venidos todos aquellos que deseen participar en el foro de OSM-Argentina. Este es el lugar para compartir experiencias, evacuar dudas, hacer sugerencias o simplemente dejar un saludo.

Wellcome to every body willing to participate in the OSM-Argentina forum. This is the place for sharing experiences, ask questions, make comments or just leave a greeting

I made a typo, it’s Welcome with just one L, if you can fix it better
thanks budy

Thanks :slight_smile:

BTW, you can edit your post(s) to fix typo’s :wink: