User is destroying map in Trinidad

I was editing a map in Trindad this morning. A highway was misplayed in the area I editing. It appeared to be dragged out of area. When I exited a user has misplacing a great number of roads and is actively destroying the map. They are continuing to do so currently. What can be done?

This user joined one hour ago and doing great damage!
Edison Andrews
Mapper since 19 February 2011 at 17:07 (about 1 hour ago)
ID Saved at Comment Area
#7334646 February 19, 2011 19:09 Minor street corrections -61.592,10.628,-61.341,10.696 (big)
#7334269 February 19, 2011 18:54 Major Highway Changes -61.491,10.601,-61.412,10.642
#7334218 February 19, 2011 18:51 (none) -61.472,10.631,-61.416,10.684
#7334009 February 19, 2011 18:25 (none) -61.523,10.482,-61.239,10.671 (big)

Both pdunn and myself have done most of the work on this map and Edison Andrews has been destroying it as of this morning. Please delete his changes if possible.

Usually you should at first try to contact the user and ask him what his intentions are. But it looks like this guy has either some problems with handling the editor or is destroying the map on purpose.

So I would recommend contacting the Data Working Group ( They will block him and revert his changes. As long as you don’t try to change his edits, reverting should be easy.

Bye, Andreas

Thanks Andi, I’ve since alerted of the situation. Hopefully the respond quickly.