Use static image as map with correct position


I have a problem using image as a map with a correct geographic coordinate.
I am working on a project in my university, in which I must display the ground plan of my university.

the image file I use here is: GrundrissSW1_resized2.png
Size: 3237 x 5000 pixels

I can get it displayed on the map only begin with coordiate (0,0) (OpenLayers.Bounds(0,0,0.00032,0.00050))
but not with the correct geographic coordinate (it should be OpenLayers.Bounds(9.96822, 53.46276, 9.96854, 53.46326):wink:

Can you please take a look at my code below.
I am very confused. Please help me!

Thanks you very much

Groundplan test p.caption { width: 512px; }

Groundplan test

<div id="tags"></div>

<p id="shortdesc">
    Groundplan test.

<div id="map" class="smallmap"></div>

<div id="docs">
    <p class="caption">