Use osmarender to generate OSM tile set

Currently I’m using Mapnik to generate custom map tiles using a directory structure like zoom/x/y.png from a PostGis database.
I need to add some features to the maps that are not accesible with de PostGis database used with Mapnik, but that are at the OSM database schema.

Osmarender looks promising for that purpose.

I can generate images form a osm file using osmarender using the guide from

Is there a way to use osmarender to generate a OSM tile set as Mapnik does ?

Any guide/script/web would be very helpful.

I’m not an expert, but I believe if you run a tiles@home client, you can instruct this to generate the tiles you want locally (whereas normally receives rendering jobs and uploads tiles to the central server)

It’s probably less complicated to change the that osm2pgsql uses to include the things you miss.