Use of check_date?

The mobile editing app, EveryDoor, allows you to ‘confirm’ existing tagging for map objects. In doing so, it adds or updates a check_date for that item with the date. I’m sure other editors do similar.

I can see the value of this tag in that it allows to mark valid data on shops and postboxes added many years ago as not ‘stale’, but there seems less sense in using this on things like roads or walls?

The UK is very well mapped in some areas and categories and there’s almost an infinite amount of additional detail that could be added, but a well populated map is not neccesarily an up-to-date one.

What are your thoughts on this?

On shops and drinkwater taps i see value adding this tag for resetting the clock on a next conformation. On a church i came past last week who’s foundation was laid with start_date=C11 not so much. Have seen this question coming up in streetcomplete recently probably half dozen times.

Bus stops could use that too btw.

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