Use free trackdata from APRS ?

I have an idea :idea:

We need a lot of point, or if you call it tracks of piont, to make a good map. Local we know how the streets go but need help with the tracks for translating it too real coordinate.

Radio amateur use somthing (we) call APRS
When you travel around you use a radio, transmittning your coordinate.
This signal is then picked up in relay station and re-transmitted in the air. It also transmitted over internet so you can se where somebody is over the world.

If somebody make a program where this signal is translated and putted in to OSM. We get a lot of help :wink:

while I don’t like to be the grinch, I have to tell my doubt that the radio guys automatically agree to submit their data under terms of Creative Commons license… :cry:

But nice idea. What’s the accuration of APRS?

Ciao, Imi.

Not at all, only a idea.

I have not read the protocol in detail. I think its free to read on internet. I have not time to everything Google with APRS i think you find more.
In sweden we have

So you go around with GPS:es coupled with an radio transmitter, and constantly emitting your signal?

Yes. 8)

(Not realy I :wink: )
I rather like to do other things with all my GPS.

I think of it becaus my GPS can’t collect so much points and when I drive MC it’s not easy to have the computer with me.
So, if I transmit the data I can have it at home. After that, I realize that this i all redy done. I have only to listen to others. In my area it isn’t so many but other have :slight_smile:

I don’t think anybody should complain if we use the data.

I read about this a while ago, cause i recon it would be awesum to have live tracking, but the radio signals are only very local. (couple of miles) To go further you would need to link a gps to a mobile phone or something i figured…wich would be extremly expensive…like thosands of pounds a day

There was a company that sells little packs that connect to things like cars or dogs, but they only tended to send out a signal/txt every hour or so.

I no little about this area, but a thourght that came to mind, was why not use some very longwave frequency, casue the amount of data is next to nothing. That would then go miles…but would require some huge peice of equipment maybe. would need liences as well maybe.

APRS use a pacet radio protocol.

Don’t mix it up with hunting radio for dogs.

The signal is repeated via “digipiters” digital repeaters and also collected and retransmited via internet, You can se some areas all over the world. You not need a radio.

I can discuss lot of radio tranmitning methods and licens but not in english :Oops:

I think You can hear the singals on 144.800 - 144.900 Mhz

How close would you need to be to a ‘‘digipiters’’?

It wasnt hunting radios I was talking about, it was some little contraption that messaged a coordinate to a mobile phone if you texted it. (I think).

It depend on a lot of thing. They are almoste placed on hils.
To transmit to the digipiter 20 to 50km To listen, 40 - 60km sometimes more.

Like I say before I have don’t read the protocol in detail.
The packet radio includ retransmitning up to 8 jump. (If it use that directly). I have comunicate over 250 km in 5 jumps.

But that was in the early times in 80’s, with very little trafic.

wow, thats a long way really (i was thinking you would say 1-2km)

How easy would it be to set up one of these points?

We are talking radio, not 10$ PMS walkie-talkie. :slight_smile:

To set up a digipiter or sending data you must be and radio-amature.
For listning, a scanner and packet modem. You can build your own. Find information on internet. In the bootom they use AX25 protocoll. But here is the point.

Look at internet for APRS, find interesting points, alredy used and retransmitted on internet. Make a program translateing the data to OSM.

After a time of collecting data the streets apper and we can use this together with our local knowledge information.

Oh no Per you are not escaping us when you got us interested… :wink: How much would it cost to build a client? Just for the radio and the connection to a Serial GPS…

The server should be extremly easy to setup.

Sorry but I don’t realy think you understand when you talk about a client.
First you must bee a radioamature, that needs a certificate.
To get that you must do a test, in some contry you have to learn morse-telegraphi. After that you know what a radion cost.
I have seen some modem you can by (and build) for 30-40$ made by a PIC16 cpu

But to listen to others you don’t need anything else and internet-connection.

If you whant to listen to a local digipiter that not have a connection You need a pacet-modem and a radio.
The radio can bee a scanner.
A pacet-modem can cost 200 -300$ or you can build your one. I think sombody hade made a program you can use with the computer analog input.

So my point is. Listen to others. (or be a radio amature :smiley: )