Usage of `name:full`

In the Salt Lake City area, there are many features (roads) tagged with name:full to distinguish the posted street names (ex. State Street) from the official full name (example S or South State Street). This is not a documented tag (Proposed features/Directional Prefix & Suffix Indication - OpenStreetMap Wiki is all I could find) but it does occur 10k+ times in OSM: name:full | Keys | OpenStreetMap Taginfo

How to represent this situation? We have it documented in Utah/Naming Conventions - OpenStreetMap Wiki

But if it’s used nowhere else I’m not sure if This Is The Way.

An example.

(Related RapiD issue: `name:full` is not a "Multilingual" name · Issue #693 · facebook/RapiD · GitHub)

Out of curiosity, apart from signs and official documents, what do print and online maps and addresses normally give the street name as?

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It seems to me like official_name could be appropriate here:

name=State Street
official_name=South State Street


Good question. Addresses need to have the compass direction included for disambiguation (You’ll see 534 S State Street for example), but online maps are not always consistent. Apple Maps pretty consistently prepends N/S/E/W but Google Maps only does this in some cases.

This is something that might not have one right answer that applies everywhere. But this situation kind of reminds me of how some jurisdictions never signpost the street type on the street name sign, even if it’s indisputably part of the street name.

For example, in the Cincinnati area, Hamilton County as a rule never posts street name types, so North Bend Road becomes simply “Northbend” as you leave the city limits and it becomes a county-maintained road. In conversation, people also drop the “Road” for brevity, but not out of a conviction that the road is properly named just “Northbend”.

Similarly, directional prefixes and suffixes are often omitted when they’re considered redundant, but it’s often unclear whether this changes the road’s common-sense primary name. If we had established keys for, say, “name for wayfinding” versus “name for addressing”, then perhaps it wouldn’t matter as much what we put in name in these cases.