Usage of map data for Garmin Training Center and Forerunner 305

Hi there,

Garmin is providing a map for their tool called Garmin Training Center (comes e.g. with Forerunner 305, 405, …). Does anyone know how to exchange this map and how to use a OSM for Garmin Training Center?
Does anyone know how to view or modify these geo data (pc_basemap2.img) with other tools than Garmin Training Center?

Your Eddy Walker

After a short trail and error process to use other maps than the base_map of garmin for the garmin training center [GTC] I can answer my self a part of the question:

This is the use case :
o Rename the base map <pc_basemap2.img> into e.g. <pc_basemap2.old> of the GTC file directory.
o Download a Garmin compatible map from URL: [.img - format] e.g.
o Unpack zip-file and you get <gmapsupp.img>.
o Copy <gmapsupp.img> into GTC-directory and rename <gmapsupp.img> into <pc_basemap2.img>.
o Now you can start GTC and the “new” map can be used.
o I experianced some trouble with the zoom function into GTC, but could solve the problem by rework the hole procedure withe the “old” map.

Have fun with your new map in GTC . :slight_smile:

Your Eddy