URL Whitelisting


I’m not sure whether this is the correct forum or not, but I’ll try.

I’m in a situation where “Locked Down” Android tablets struggle to load the map of bymelding.no (Using OSM).
The reason is that the tablets are only allowed to access specific URLs which I’ve whitelisted.

I’m struggling to get the map of the site to work even though I’ve used tools to figure out what resrouces and URLs are contacted when loading the map of bymelding.no

Anyone has any idea how I can whitelist all the URLs that are in use so the tablets are able to load the map?

I’ve whitelisted these URLs as of now:

It looks like that web site may be breaching the tile usage policies. The tiles are there to assist in mapping and to allow proof of concept. They are not supposed to be used as an alternative to Google Maps.


Any reference to Google Maps will be from the site itself, not something that OSM needs.

I can see the credit link in the bottom-right - is it missing for you?

I meant using it for a production system. The tiles are generally there for mappers and for proof of context, because OSM does not have the funding to provide a general use tile server.

The policy breach is not something I can answer for since the site is someone elses, but as for the whitelisting. Do you have any ideas as to why the I’m not able to view the map from my mobile device with all the previously mentioned sites whitelisted?

To be clear, I don’t immediately think you are in breach of any policy. You’re using some map tiles (with accreditation) with no SLA so if you get blocked from using them in the future (unlikely, but possible) you won’t be able to complain.

To solve the other issue you’ll need to use the usual web browser debug tools. In Firefox it’s menu / web developer / browser console (other browsers will differ). You’ll see any errors in there - and it’s quite possible that they’re not related to the OSM tiles at all but to the other stuff that that site is doing.

I see, I’ve been trying to use the browser debugging tools but have not been successful as of yet. I guess I’ll keep trying that method to see if I’ve missed an URL or so.
Thanks for your help!