URGENT edit the map

URGENT edit the map

We have some error on this map. How can we edit it?

Thank you

You might start there: LearnOSM


If you tell us exactly what is wrong, we might be able to help.


OSM is strictly speaking “just” a database not a map. Other providers can use this data to create pictures (=maps). What data from OSM they include in their map is up to them. Please contact your map-provider why the name is not included in your map.

@meinkhanh what name needs to be added, and where.

Paracel Islands are already mapped:
Is something missing or wrong?

The OSMF’s “Disputed Territories” policy is here. That says that, in cases where lots of countries claim some particular territory, OSM usually shows the “on the ground” situation. A map of Vietnam shows a number of the Paracel Islands controlled by Vietnam. Is this correct, or do you want a map that shows something else?

Many maps based on OSM data are available. At the OpenStreetMap website, both the cycle map and transport map show labels in English as well as the local language, but alas there isn’t much cycling or public transport infrastructure in the Paracels.

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I would like to add Paracel islands here in Vietnam area. Is it possible? Thank you.

Is there really an island at this particular location?

There are several islands belongs to different countries here. We can not locate exact location for Vietnam island. It happens on Google map also.

I dont know why the map in my link do not show that

And we would like to add the name by English. Can we do it?

That software is taking map from OSM source to show. Not meaning the software is mapping software.

That s exact our situation. One of our software is using map on OSM and there s no name of our island, even in English. Is there anything we can do in this situation?