Uploading pictures to a map

Hi I am a new user. I am using the OSM Android software but cannot get to view my pictures in the map.
The software gives you in the impression you are taking photo’s but they are separate to what is viewed in the map.
Also where are the notes going to?

Hi. There are many OSM apps for Android. You’d need to be specific about which one you’re using in order to get meaningful help.

Irregardless of the software you are using, you will not see your pictures on http://www.openstreetmap.org
Perhaps you are using Mapillary or OpenStreetCam, in which case you have to go to their website and view the pictures there.
Or you can use one of the OpenStreetMap editors to view pictures uploaded with Mapillary or OpenStreetCam. but the pictures are not available outside those editors.

thanks for your reply that cleared up a lot of questions that I had and made a lot of sense.

I am currently using OSMTracker for Android.ver 0.6.11.
This has icons for capturing pictures logging reports etc but as I have been told will not appear on Open street map.

OSMTracker works mainly offline. You have to export your traced gpx file and open it on your pc in an editor like JOSM where you will see your comments and photos to make the corresponding edits.

There is an option in OSMTracker to upload to OpenStreetMap, but that is only meant for the raw gps traces to align the ways.